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How works

If you created a remarkable blog post with the goal of convincing people to buy your product, download your app, subscribe to your newsletter, etc … will help you supercharge your results.

Here are the 4 simple steps to start getting qualified traffic from the moment you hit “Publish” :


1. Set-up your campaign

DocumentSend us the URL of your blog or a selected URLs with your best content, they may be articles, infographics, ebook teasers, etc…

Establish a budget for your campaign and calculate how many Unique Pageviews you will get. You can do it here.

The Unique Pageviews indicated is the minimum you will get.

If your content is great, and it resonates with the audience, it is likely that you will get 2x, 5x or even 10x more traffic.

2. automatically analyzes the content

rocketBoost identifies your content’s keywords. 

Then, it automatically filters highly targeted audiences adapted to your content.

Our database has indexed over +10,000 active communities. Both in social networks and a variety of other platforms.

If your content is eligible, sends you a confirmation e-mail, specifying:

  • Your targeted reader persona,
  • examples of distribution channels where your content will be shared,
  • and how many potential readers will see your content.

3. It is distributed exclusively organically (no ads or banners)


Once your campaign starts, sends you a confirmation email, including the way you can track the traffic in Google Analytics. 

In order to bring the traffic, distributes your content through real people with actual friends, followers and contacts.

These people belong to our exclusive community of peer-fluencers.

A peer-fluencer is an enthusiastic member of a community. They actively share content that engages their community peers.

To avoid annoying those who wouldn’t be interested, your content is spread exclusively in the digital communities that best fit the content, not on people’s walls, emails, newsfeeds or fan pages.

The traffic is not obtained from poisonous black hat SEO techniques, neither from posting dirty spam comments on blogs or newsletters. 

All Boost traffic sources are trackable and you can optimize on this upon feedback.

The traffic comes from digital communities of passionate people, craving for quality content shared by their peers.

This is why really works. Peer-marketing also known as “word-of-mouth”, is the channel that brings the best new clients to your door.


4. You gain an incredible, highly targeted, traffic

Qualified readers

During the campaigns, you can track the full referrals directly in your Google Analytics.

You are able to know how your targeted reader persona reacted to your content and how you can optimize it.



By publishing the right content in the right place at the right time, your content becomes relevant and helpful to your readers.

With Boost, you save time on promotion and, with the right funnel, you can reach your goals really fast.


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